Kriegsdonner wird offiziell Dampfdeck überprüft

Erster Weltkrieg Französischer Soldat 1916 erklärt! Gaijin Entertainment has updated War Thunder, and as a result it went through Deck Verified once again to get a fully Verified status for the Steam Deck. This seems to have be done on their Native Linux build too, so they put in some real effort for this.

They didn't say what exactly they changed though, here's their announcement:

Good news everyone! The War Thunder development team have fully optimized the game for the newest Steam Deck gaming devices that hit the shelves at the end of February. Steam Deck players were able to play War Thunder right from the platform’s release point, but there were still some minor compatibility issues. We did our best to complete optimization, and are proud to announce the full compatibility check mark recently received from the Steam Deck developers.

Hundreds of thousands players worldwide come to play War Thunder daily. Players from various platforms can take command of combat vehicles in one battle: Windows, Mac, PlayStation, Xbox, Linux. Now, a growing audience of Steam Deck owners joins us, who are able to play with their Steam account and easily share the achieved progress between platforms. Willkommen an Bord!

It's good news, as one of the more popular games on Steam where the anti-cheat is also supported. War Thunder sees regularly close to 70,000 players online at any one time meaning it's constantly in the top 20 Steam games.

Do you think you'll be playing War Thunder on Steam Deck?

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